What does the rich man have that the working man doesn't?


That's why this is the home budget the working man needs. It puts money into an order. It does not overflow with hidden computer effects or fancy math. Math itself is the nature of what is economized here--just one list of income items, and one list of expense items, per column, all on a hard copy sheet. One sheet holds two time periods, side by side. Another sheet is just for constituting budget items composed of lots of items themselves. Finally, you get another two pages like these, but with blanks for you to customize with items not specified, one sheet for main items and one sheet for sub-items. Transfer the custom main item totals to the main sheet and your budget is ready to balance.

The budget is as readable, and stimulating, as art, and in essence you are buying a work of art as well as a budget. So if you are skilled with a document application, and skilled in art, and skilled with economics, you will be able to create a budget just as good as this one. Otherwise, The Working Man's Home Budget is ready to serve.

Some may use it extensively. Some may just look at it and come to a better place, where money is concerned. Either way, it's going to have a big impact on the working man or woman who needs economy. If you're reading this you probably will be looking for a computer application for yourself. But think of those of your friends who need something they can touch and feel and not go away with a click. This budget is for them.

Try it. It could be the most important thing you'll do for your computer-challenged friends, whom you can help out considerably by getting this budget to them. But please, observe the copyright and buy as many downloads as you intend to give to friends. It's a matter of courtesy, not to mention law.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Other terms for the budget.

Other terms for The Working Man's Home Budget may be personal budget, budget sheet, budget planner, or monthly budget.

There is no universal science of the home budget. It comes to a matter of preferences. One informed writer might settle on one set of items, another might settle on another. Furthermore, there is no universal science of layout for the budget, and it does appear that layout is not generally given much strict attention by anyone but me. It seems that the universal rule is that what the budget looks like doesn't matter very much, because after all the person who creates it doesn't have to use it. It seems like the accountants who create them expect you to accept without comment whatever layout choices they make. I believe I have more compassion for the average person than that and I want to sell him a product that will bring joy to his eyes. Other budgets are paperwork. My budget, The Working Man's Home Budget, is art.

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